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Going beyond

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Traveling around the world

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Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.

Oscar Wilde


Yosemite Valley

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Woodkid Iron

Yoann Lemoine is one of the more curious musical success stories of the year. A 30-year-old French-born, New York-resident video director, he has filmed acclaimed promos for artists including Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift before leaping the other side of the camera to record an album under the name Woodkid. Read More

Good times

Donec quis tempus nunc. Nunc ornare fermentum ligula vel finibus. Sed ut maximus magna, vel mattis nisi. Aliquam vel eleifend purus, nec tempus mauris. Suspendisse a posuere neque. Fusce tincidunt dui et ullamcorper eleifend. Proin velit augue, egestas sed quam id, euismod facilisis leo. Praesent suscipit tellus diam, ut dignissim massa sagittis ut. Praesent pretium semper magna eget varius. Integer pulvinar egestas consectetur. Ut rhoncus pellentesque nunc at facilisis. Suspendisse tempor nunc eu pulvinar hendrerit. Mauris sit amet ex arcu. Read More

The Mountain

The goal was to capture the beautiful Milky Way galaxy along with one of the most amazing mountains I know El Teide. I have to say this was one of the most exhausting trips I have done. There was a lot of hiking at high altitudes and probably less than 10 hours of sleep in total for the whole week. Having been here 10-11 times before I had a long list of must-see locations I wanted to capture for this movie, but I am still not 100% used to carrying around so much gear required for time-lapse movies. Read More

Natural Food

Allin adipiscing elit. Nunc nisl nibh, dapibus eu tempor ut, efficitur id nisi. Nam ornare magna sed mi mattis, sit amet molestie neque ultrices. Maecenas euismod pellentesque luctus. Aliquam mollis ornare felis, id faucibus odio accumsan faucibus. Nullam malesuada lectus nec dui dapibus, et porta mi tempor. Sed in ipsum sed augue elementum posuere. Donec nec porttitor nisi, id malesuada dolor. Integer sit amet porta augue. Fusce faucibus massa eu dolor tristique vulputate. Fusce eu sem neque. Mauris nec velit a ex dictum sollicitudin. Pellentesque lacus nisi, fermentum in finibus ac, egestas non ligula. Read More

Epic camping

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Video Marketing | Search Engine Optimization

The Benefits of Video Marketing and Commercial Advertising for

Your Business

There are a variety of different ways that you can bring customers into your business. You could pay money to have your business advertised on a billboard, or hand out cards to random people that you meet at events or other locations, but there is one type of marketing that you can provide your business with that stands above the rest.

Video and Commercial Marketing

Video marketing is absolutely the best way that you can currently market your business, as you are not only reaching people all over the world, but you are grasping their attention for a short period of time while they are learning about your business. Whether you are advertising to people online for your business, or you are looking to make a commercial that will air on television at some point, you video marketing campaign will reach both the ears and the eyes of each and every viewer that watches you commercial. This means that unlike when advertising on the radio, it is much more difficult to accidentally tune out the commercial that the viewer is watching, as they are also gaining a visual representation of the information that you are providing them with. This allows you to create a seed in the mind of your viewer that you can then help to grow by placing slogans or other catchy gimmicks within your video marketing campaign, and the seed that you have planted in the mind of the viewer will have the chance to grow into a sale for your company. Video marketing can also be used in order to bring many different potential customers into your business, as it gives your business a very professional front that would have otherwise been difficult to achieve. When a potential customer sees that you are using video marketing to advertise for your business or service, it gives them a much better feeling about doing business with you, as you are already established enough in the mind of your potential customer to be trusted when purchasing a product. This also makes it much easier for your potential customer to share the video with a variety of other customers, allowing you to organically market your business without having to spend any extra money. All of these facts and many more make video marketing the best way to advertise for your business. http://youtu.be/6T-u7PBwCKM Check out  Appliance repair Jupiter, FL to see video marketing in action.   For search engine optimization in West Palm Beach, or website designs call Lioness Publishing. We specialize in search engine optimization in West Palm Beach and the surrounding area. We get all of our customer to page one on Google. So rather you are contemplating search engine optimization (SEO), website designs, press release, or a video/commercial Lioness Publishing can help. For results, call us! We will get you seen on GOOGLE! http://youtu.be/MQZ4HdJGtKs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Business Websites | Author Websites

Videos |Commercials | Press Releases

Perfect Press Releases to Grow your Business

Benefits that you can experience from a professional press release

All businesses no matter their size or industry can benefit from professional press releases for new products, branding and company changes. Many people feel as though the idea of a press release is simply old-fashioned but a press release can have some amazing benefits when it comes to marketing new products and generating interest from your customers. Even if your new products don't have much of a story it's possible that with some professional writing you can generate real interest and create an engaging story regarding your product or the need that it fills. Professional quality press release writers can make sure that the story about your new product or branding is extremely engaging and will work to provide a sales benefit for the future of your product. Putting out word about a product, your company or a new change with your company ahead of time will help to generate interest in your advertising and then eventually at your product launch. You can see healthier sales numbers off of an initial product launch if you do the proper press release writing ahead of time and do it with a professional. Purchase your press release today! Once you make your purchase you will receive a email within 24 hours asking for additional information.  All press releases are completed within 48-72 hours.
Our professional press release writing service will work to create a story about your products and about your company news. We can generate interest with every press release we create. We have worked across multiple industries and have higher engaging writers who can help to generate a real buzz about a press release. Our company also handles distribution to make sure that every press release that we create can be seen and potentially published in applicable industry service webpages and journals. We make sure that your press release ends up front and center where it needs to be so that your target audience can access the content and gaining interest that you are looking for. We have a wide array of industry connections and a complex distribution network that we use to submit press releases so that they can be easily found online and across different media outlets.

For A Quality Press Release, Purchase your Package Today

If your company has never considered using a press release for your new products or company changes we strongly urge you to consider trying our services. You can see a major boost in initial sales as well as work at reducing some of your initial marketing budget. A press release is a fairly low cost, high return marketing tactic that certainly shows no signs of slowing down with effectiveness anytime soon. press release west palm beach, seo west palm beach For more information on press releases and press release writing services contact us today.

Professional Press Release

Online Marketing

Why Online Marketing is Effective Today

Online presence has become an indispensable instrument that is being used worldwide for brand communication and business expansion and increment of sales. The vivacity of online marketing has turned online business to an unparalleled and effective platform. The introduction of Web 2.0 technologies online has created a new form of communication modes thanks to platforms such as integration of images, animations, and videos, geo-tagging as well as incorporation of live chats into HTML Pages. The outcome from the platforms presents a rich media that is now able to convey all sorts of information making online marketing one of the most effective tools for advertising. Stepping away from traditional forms of marketing such as TV, billboards, brochure distribution and radio adverts, online marketing involves marketing on platforms such as:
  • SEO
  • Press Releases
  • Website Designs
  • Traffic Generation (organic and Paid)
  • Lead generation
A wide scale and lengthy research undertaken by the State of Inbound Marketing saw many internet marketers (52%) state that online marketing in social media plays a critical role in their businesses. This fact is attributed to the higher lead to close inbound marketing. Yet another recent research conducted by a different set of surveyors showed that 80% of social network users prefer shopping from brands that are connected and are active on social media platforms. It goes without saying that marketing is a game of numbers and social media platforms have all the numbers that any online marketer would ever need and online marketing 101 techniques calls that for brands to be effective they need to go where the numbers are.  

Social Media

The power of social media now goes beyond internet marketing; brands can now interact with users by releasing press releases, allowing users to front their questions and allowing them to place comments on a variety of advertisements as well as announcements. This system now provides a full functioning feedback system to marketers allowing them the chance to serve better marketing strategies in the future. On the flipside however; now consumers have an overall satisfying feeling knowing that brands are now closer to them and can shop repeatedly on a brand they like. It goes to show that online marketing is now one of the most persuasive measurers in consumer products thanks to its various forms of interaction between consumers and brands.

Campaign Efficacy

Online marketing is an effective technique that has introduced the ability to measure campaign efficacy. Through social network platforms, now marketers have a chance to measure impressions generated by ads they run by the numbers of people that liked the ad. Various other metrics that are available to online marketers includes the numbers of people that share links to an advert and the things that consumers are sharing concerning a certain product. Online marketers are also able to measure the ripple effect created by a certain advert. With the advent of data mining technologies, now consumer generated data of a certain brand or product is being used as a basis of predicting future trends and also re-discovery of spending patterns.  


For online marketing, to succeed, brand and website owners have resulted to using advertising and promotional features such as press releases and SEO techniques that all help the brand and the product being sold to have a larger online presence and reach out far and wide. Through internet marketing efforts, the world has now been reduced into a global village where one product or service can be seen everywhere in the world and a business can now trade from one city and do its business in dozens of cities without ever having to open up shop in these other cities… If you are in search of a company that can successfully promote you, look no further! Call us today!  

Online Marketing | SEO | Search Engine Optimization

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The Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you operate close to the margin, so it's understandable that you're always looking for the best bang for your buck when it comes to advertising. SEO, search engine optimization, is a great investment in this regard! When done correctly, SEO can offer you an ROI that few other marketing initiatives can: the cost-per-lead for your small business is almost negligible compared to the traditional advertising methods, and even to the other breeds of internet marketing. Simply put: that means that, with SEO, your customer will find his way to your business by himself, because he is looking for exactly what you are offering. SEO is both efficient and effective! In today's business climate, when it's harder than ever for a small business to succeed, SEO can be your secret strategy for success. SEO can give your small business a realistic chance to compete with the big players in your industry. You can be made to look like an authority, which will attract quality customers and business partners. Nowadays it is important for a small business to maintain both its offline and online presence. However, a company's website without SEO is nothing more than a glorified brochure. While you, a small business owner, can try to learn to maintain and promote your website by yourself, you would likely spend a lot of time and money (that you probably do not have) in the process. As always, for a job to be done professionally, it is best to let the professionals do the job. If your small business is located in West Palm Beach, we can do the search engine optimization for you! We are an internet marketing company that specializes in search engine optimization for small businesses. If your small business is not on the first page of Google for your keywords, how do you expect people to find you? For your company's website to be found, the keywords that bring targeted visitors to your small business need to be optimized for Google and other search engines. We will do the keyword research to find out what words and phrases your customers use to find you, and then optimize your company's website for those keywords so it ranks highly in Google. Your small business will appear right before your customer's eyes, right when they're searching for what you got to offer them! Do you know how many people in West Palm Beach actively search on Google every day for your keywords? Are you sure they are finding YOUR small business? Our West Palm Beach internet marketing company can bring those customers to your door.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Small Businesses in West Palm Beach

SEO | search engine optimization

How Internet Marketing Can Grow a Business

How Internet Marketing Can Grow a Business

The growth of the internet has changed the lives of the people manifold. Technology has effected and has played a big role in the growth of various businesses. The increase in the number of shopping portals has reduced the necessity to go to a store to buy products. It saves lot of time in the bustle of our daily routines. Internet marketing plays an important role in making some online portals a success than others. Internet marketing consists of online activities aimed at improving the visibility of a website on various search engines. Many people think that it is mandatory to have a website to enjoy the benefits from online marketing but nowadays many businesses have profited a lot from affiliate marketing without owning their own site. How can it benefit a Business? The various strategies in online marketing aim at getting higher traffic to the site which would ultimately result in higher profits. It also helps you keep an eye on your competitors and you can plan your offers and discount schemes accordingly. Online marketing provides an excellent opportunity to popularize your products and services round the globe. It helps in establishing your brand. Various advertisements through search engine optimization techniques help customers to relate to your brand. Stupendous Results from online marketing There are numerous ways by which you can increase high quality traffic to your site. The most effective ones are Pay per click, article marketing, affiliate marketing. All these can deliver fabulous results. They help in forming a strong base of your company. Eventually through all SEO techniques mentioned above, the website comes on the first page of major search engines like Google, yahoo, bing. Article marketing includes posting of articles on relevant topics concerning your site. This helps in creating a wonderful relation with your high potential clients. Pay per click campaigns includes formulating an advertisement with your high ranking keywords to get raw traffic to your website. All these and many other search engine optimization strategies help to establish your brand across the world. To fully enjoy the advantages from online campaigns, you must hire a professional in online marketing or can hire the services from a reputed company. They study the goals and aspirations of your business carefully keeping in mind your competitors and then formulate the tailor made techniques to bring up your business. Some of the services that a proficient internet marketer can provide to your business are: 1) He extensively prepares your marketing plans to enhance the quality traffic to your website. 2. They also offer consulting services to clarify all your doubts or comprehend your already active services on internet. 3. They effectively manage all the internet marketing strategies. Any business that ignores internet marketing lose on a numerous opportunities to make huge profits. The cost effective strategies applied are most feasible for any size of business to enjoy the huge benefits later on. A bit of planning and knowledge of various techniques can make your business highly successful. If you think you might benefit from internet marketing or search engine optimization contact us at Lioness Publishing House. We are the business website design and search engine optimization specilist in Palm Beach. This article can also be read on http://goarticles.com/article/How-Internet-Marketing-Can-Grow-a-Business/7950060/    

Internet Marketing West Palm Beach


What is SEO And How It Can Benefit Your Company


 How SEO can be beneficial to you

  SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. If you want to rank on top for Google, Yahoo, Bing, (the three largest search engines) and other search engines then you need SEO. Just because you create a website that doesn’t mean google is going to recognize it. Hundreds of people use design services like us and other people are creating sites from templates. Regardless of how your site is created without SEO, it is sure to get lost in the ocean of the internet. SEO, search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your site. We make it google friendly and people friendly. Then we create you an internet presence.

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  SEO is never just a one time thing. Web designers can create a site with SEO included but for optimal results you need to hire a qualified company/person to do SEO on a monthly basis for your company. This can range in price from $500 to over $1000 a month. Although, it may seem expensive. The reward outweigh the cost. SEO or search engine optimization is a very valuable tool. It can grow your business to extraordinary heights. You will make back your investment plus more. SEO | search engine optimization

Are you asking your self how is that so?

  SEO puts you on the first few pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Once this is done; when people search for you, your company, or product; they are able to find you. This is how you generate customers.   SEO doesn't work over night. On average if SEO is done correctly it takes 2-3 months of continuous SEO to start seeing results. There is also Black Hat SEO, which you should stay away from. It is a sure way to get banded from Google. If anyone promise to get you on the front pages of Google over night run and run fast. It is very important to follow google’s rules. They are the biggest search engine and upsetting google is a sure way not to get seen on google.   If you think you are interested in SEO (search engine optimization) or web design give us a call today. 561-386-9381 We are here to answer any questions you may have. http://lionesspublishinghouse.com  

SEO | Search Engine Optimization | Web Design

We cater to Palm Beach County and we have worldwide services.  

Importance of Press Releases for New Companies

Importance of Press Releases for New


When it comes to keeping a business name in continuous circulation, the company must make an on-going effort to preserve its presence online. An effective and efficient way to achieve this status is by submission of a press releases on the internet. Press releases can focus on newsworthy events, can talk about the appointment of a new employee and can be as simple as a piece of statement that is offering advice with the company’s area of expertise. Whichever subject gets chosen, the significance of a press release is that the company’s name gets attached to the article and viewers will always be reminded of the company and the business it deals with. The internet has given rise to a number of online sites which allow free posting of press release articles. By submitting your press release on such sites, your company will have added another page that will appear on search engine listing. In short, press releases contribute to natural high ranking on search engines and whenever someone looks up keywords used in the article, the release will appear on search engine results and your business name will be attached. The more press releases a company submits, the current the company’s status remains within the online community. Such a status helps in the establishment of the company as a credible source and turns it into a highly reputable name within the industry. With a press release, you will have only a single chance to make a good first impression. Statistically, about 70% of news comes from sources outside of the traditional media sources. A press release is of dire importance if you want to keep your company relevant. To see to it that your press releases are newsworthy, your content must at all times remain objective. A proper press release needs the writer to write the release on the perspective of an outsider looking into the organization. An impressive press release should contain information that is newsworthy, something that anyone would want to read about.  

How to Write the Best Press Release

Factoring in the positive elements of a press release, below are a few tips on writing press releases: Basics: The press release should cover the who, the what, the where and the why Address: if you are a local business targeting a local audience, you should incorporate the full street address, phone number at the end of each single press release. Include your email and website addresses. Stories: Tell a story. Everybody loves a human element and narrative which gives a certain perspective of the company and why people should be interested in it. Keywords: Carefully analyze the use of keywords centered on the topic you are covering in your press release. You can take advantage of the Google Auto Tool and come up with relevant keywords which you should include in your article body of the press release. Research: there are sites that you can submit your press release to, there are those that are free and those which you need to pay for. Look for site that guarantee that your press release is going to be permanent and submit your press release on them. There are sites that allow links and sites that don’t. There are sites that distribute press releases through news search and big news sites too. You should conduct a thorough research and place your release on sites that will work in your favor. Links: Link the press release to your website and various social media accounts associated with your website. You should ensure you have selected your anchor text wisely and your anchor links to the keywords. Example of a Press Release:
how to write press releases, search engine optimizationWest Palm Beach Refrigerator Repair Specialist from Northstar Appliance Repair Suggest Helpful Maintenance Tips. (via SBWire)

Refrigerators were created to simplify life but when a refrigerator stops cooling or start leaking it can be very stressful. North Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- When the West Palm Beach appliance repair man is called about a refrigerator…

Read More

How Search Engine Optimization Benefits Businesses

How Search Engine Optimization Benefits


In need of some online marketing? Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in the success of any online business. At http://lionesspublishinghouse.com we implement SEO techniques that enable business websites to attain higher ranking in search results. The recent changes in search algorithms have brought forth several changes in the way websites are ranked by search engines. As the number one Search Engine Optimization West Palm Beach Company, we know that focusing on increased focus on fresh, original relevant content that should be updated regularly. We implement the following search engine optimization strategies for online marketing that help us improve your business search engine ranking:   Lower costs Our search engine optimization listings are free. We ensure that your business is listed at the top and you will eliminate the need of spending money on advertising. We help you concentrate your investments on SEO efforts and with our continuous efforts your site will be gaining organic traffic.   Higher credibility As of now, Google is the biggest search engine and is a highly respectable company. With our internet marketing West Palm Beach, we help your business rank higher and turn it into a reliable brand. We know that the higher you are on Google’s ranking the higher the credibility. Fewer Ads on your homepage makes your site more appealing to online visitors who find ads to be an annoying thing.  

Improved ROI

Generally, conversion rates for visitors who visit your site through paid ads are quite low, however, with our SEO efforts, more visitors reaching your site convert into customers. This is a sure way of earning a return on your investment. Organic traffic is composed of persons who are searching for your products or services.   Increased traffic Reporting tools combined with analytics makes it an easy way to witness how traffic increases and are an immeasurable way of maximizing your SEO efforts. The results may not be instant but will be quick. Your online traffic will increase on a steady rate thanks to the SEO efforts.   Advance your business SEO doubles up as the best investment which is guaranteed to help your business grow. With search engine optimization efforts, visitors in their thousands will reach your site on a daily basis and you will be forced to expand your website to better manage the traffic which converts into sales. The traffic that turns into a customer base is more than likely to recommend your site after a positive purchase and bring forth more clientele.  

Gain prominence

With our SEO efforts, it becomes less difficult to gain prominence. If you have either products or services that are very competitive, our SEO efforts will give you the boost which will translate to your sales multiplication.   Aim for the top spot More than 60% of online visitors click on the top result in a search engine result page, the remaining 40% peruse through the remaining results. Our SEO efforts ensure that you get to the top spot in which you’ll be able to gain a maximum number of visitors who end up being your clients. Since SEO can do this for you, a small investment with us can lead you to potential sales worth millions.   Customer statistics Due to access to extensive customer statistics after successfully SEO efforts will help you identify new products or services which you can expand into. You will gain keyword statistics that will let you know what people are looking for. After successful keyword identification combined with high search volume minus any competition that will help you attract even more massive sales. Please visit http://lionesspublishinghouse.com and gain an SEO platform that will help rank your site higher and gain more clients. Search engine optimization is perfect for any business and it is the best online marketing tool. Face it more people are turning to the internet then to the yellow pages.

Online Marketing West Palm Beach

Search Engine Optimization

Many people spend money creating websites that will never rank and customers will never find the site because it lacks SEO (search engine optimization). Search Engine Optimization is very important to business owners. Without it a website is a needle in a haystack. There are different types of SEO, on page and off page. Both are very important and both are needed to fully optimize a site and get a business to the first few pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing (the three biggest search engines).  At one time people would turn to the yellow pages but the yellow pages are becoming obsolete. People now turn to the internet, mainly Google (the #1 search engine). To get the best SEO you should hire a SEO professional. Many claim to know SEO but true SEO professionals will be able to show you results that they have attained with other websites.   Some business owners say they can’t afford Search Engine Optimization. Actually, you can’t afford not to have it. Especially if you are in the service industry. Good search engine optimization, will get you found on Google. This in turn generates more customers. More customers equals more money! The possibilities become endless.  SEO grow businesses and take them to the next level. If that is the goal for your business then you need SEO. If you are not trying to generate new customers then you don’t need SEO. The majority of companies are trying to grow.   Search Engine Optimization don’t happen over night. Anyone promising to get you there overnight are unrealistic, using keywords that no one searches, or using black hat tricks. Black hat tricks are banned by Google. SEO professionals adhere to Google standards. Not sticking to Google standards can cause your site to get blacklisted by Google.   We at Lioness Publishing House are search engine optimization professionals. We get you results! Call us today for your SEO needs. 561-386-9381 [caption id="attachment_152" align="aligncenter" width="300"]search engine optimization, business websites, seo Lioness Publishing Web Designs & SEO[/caption]

Search Engine Optimization West Palm Beach